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The purpose of the INNOVATION DIAMOND LEARNING GAME is to develop and acquire four leadership roles associated with the early stages of an innovation process. By working with 16 different tasks the players gain hands-on experience with the four leadership roles. Throughout the game the players are prompted to reflect on individual and organisational learning. Through the individual and collective reflection actual learning is achieved and the means to transfer the learning points into real life secured.

The INNOVATION DIAMOND LEARNING GAME thus provides an effective and yet fun way to gain insights into the four important roles that can be vital in early phase innovation processes.

The INNOVATION DIAMOND LEARNING GAME is played around a fictive, yet realistic innovative focus point. The innovative focus point can be defined by the group itself and can be based on a real-life issue, or the group can choose among a number of pre-defined innovative focus points.
 The INNOVATION DIAMOND LEARNING GAME is especially useful for new diverse groups that are to work with innovation processes or when expanding existing homogenous teams with fresh people as it enables them to break up groupthink.

The INNOVATION DIAMOND LEARNING GAME can be played with or without a facilitator, but we recommend using one as it speeds up the game and amplifies both group and individual learning.
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